Personalize unique gifts for friends, family, and loved ones with a custom engraving that will last a lifetime.

Any questions you may have about engraving a gift you can call in at our shop or send a photo of it by email or WhatsApp and our engraving specialist would be happy to help on creating a special gift that would be ready within minutes.

Come and have a look at the pet tags that we supply and engrave while you wait. Different varieties of colors and designs to make sure to match your pet’s collar.

We also supply Hotel and BnB keyrings engraved with personalized logos and phone numbers to make identification easier.

Silver Cleaning and Polishing


Office: 091-531 088

 Mobile: 0877213939


Unit 47, Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road, Galway

NOTE: We are able to make most of your engravings while you wait.